The best skin care products for acne in 2022

The best skin care products for acne in 2022

Used separately or in combination, these five skin care products offer the best natural acne treatment for adults

Adult acne. At best it’s a nuisance that can make us feel self-conscious. At worst it’s painful, and can prevent us from going about our day-to-day lives. But don’t worry, there are hundreds of great products out there that can help you combat your acne naturally - which is the best way to achieve long-lasting results - and we’ve picked out five of the best. They’re highly effective when used alone, but even better when used in combination with each other.

Here’s how to get rid of acne naturally using the five best skin care products for acne in 2022.


The five best skin care products for natural acne treatment


Olixa Gummy Cleanser

Why it’s good at fighting acne: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, exfoliant

Cost: £24

When it comes to acne, this luxurious facial cleanser is a bit of a wonder product. It contains eucalyptus, which combats acne-causing bacteria and reduces blemishes; Australian Kakadu Plum extract, a great natural source of antioxidant vitamin C, which soothes inflamed skin; and it’s rich in phenolic acid, which gently exfoliates, leaving your face smooth and bright.

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Skin and Tonic Fresh Face

Why it’s good at fighting acne: a gentle everyday exfoliant

Cost: £18

People can be tempted to attack their skin with a barrage of harsh chemicals when confronted with a particularly harsh breakout of acne, but it’s not sustainable or effective in the long term.

That’s why we love Skin and Tonic’s Fresh Face PHA Exfoliating Water. It’s a gentle acid that exfoliates rather than strips, using hibiscus to soothe and revive your skin with minimal irritation. Provided your skin isn’t super sensitive, this should be your go to everyday product.

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Nini Organics Crimson Beauty Face Serum

Why it’s good at fighting acne: pre and probiotics feed the good bacteria

Cost: £69

While cleansing and exfoliating is vital in the fight against acne, it’s essential you take the time to feed and hydrate the skin as well. That’s exactly what Nini Organics Crimson Beauty does.

Rose Otta, cucumber, and neroli are powerful hydrosols that work in combination with hyaluronic acid to richly moisturise the skin. Meanwhile, Arabian cotton protects against UV from bluelight, and Quora Noni interacts with your skin flora to balance your microbiome. It also smells wonderful.

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Nini Organics Natura Detox Oil

Why it’s good at fighting acne: linoleic acid suppresses sebum production

Cost: £44

Nini Organics, Natura Detox Oil is great for oily, acne prone skin. It’s high in linoleic acid, which targets overactive sebaceous glands to regulate oil production - a major cause of breakouts - and contains a powerful blend of what can only be described as super oils, including black cumin, hemp seed, and jojoba oil. These are rich in antibacterial vitamins and help to soothe acne and balance the skin. It also contains potent herbs such as Neem, Nettle and Gotu Kola, which act as anti-inflammatories and detoxifiers.

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Nini Organics Natura Miracle Mask

Why it’s good at fighting acne: antioxidant rich and a gentle way to cleanse without harming skin

Cost: £35

At re:lax, we’re careful not to promise miracles or quick fixes, but Nini Organics Natura Miracle Mask isn’t far off divine intervention for acne-prone skin. This highly versatile product can be used all over the face or can be used as a targeted spot treatment.

It was designed specifically as a holistic, natural acne treatment, using cacao, activated coconut powder, Australian pink clay, hibiscus, and a powerful blend of herbs to gently decongest the skin and soothe inflammation without compromising skin health.

Mix it with oat milk for a calm, soothing mask, or apple cider vinegar for something a bit more hard hitting.

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Re:lax top tips for acne-prone skin

It’s no good using these fantastic products if you don’t maintain an effective routine. Here are our top tips to see optimal results from your natural acne treatment:

  • Keep it simple - strip back your routine. Don’t nuke your skin with a confusing mix of products and treatments, it will only upset your skin’s natural balance and encourage further disruption

  • Hydrate the skin - people often avoid hydrating the skin during an acne breakout in the mistaken belief that moisture will promote more spots. Actually, you need to keep the skin hydrated to ensure it’s PH balanced and not vulnerable to acne-causing bacteria

  • Use high performance products consistently - it’s no use being half-hearted in your routine. Use these products regularly and as instructed to get the best results

  • Have patience - don’t get frustrated if you don’t see instant results. Proper acne treatments complement your skin’s natural, healthy processes rather than fight against them. Your skin is an organ - it takes time to heal

  • Underlying conditions and lifestyle factors - the final piece of the puzzle, and often overlooked - be aware of how your diet, daily activities, or general health could be contributing to breakouts and make necessary adjustments