Cold weather skincare routine

Cold weather skincare routine

As the temperature plummets, you might notice that your normal skincare routine suddenly isn’t as effective. 

Typically, you’ll find your skin becoming much drier, which can inflame or exacerbate a number of pre-existing conditions, including eczema, ance, psoriasis, and rosacea. 

It’s annoying, but there are plenty of steps you can take and products you can use to prevent or soothe the impacts of cold weather. 

In this article, we’ll explain why cold weather affects skin, how to protect your skin from cold weather, and recommend some fantastic cold weather skincare products. 

Why does the cold make your skin dry? 

As the air becomes colder, humidity drops and the dry air draws moisture from our skin. At the same time, we spend more time in ultra-dry centrally heated rooms, and our oil glands begin to wind down sebum production. These effects combine to strip your skin of its natural protective layer. 

Your dehydrated skin then releases histamines in response to the inflammation, causing flare ups of conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. Dead skin cells can also block pores that have broken open, exacerbating acne. If this is the case for you, it might be time to rethink your routine.

How to protect your skin in cold weather 

  • Use an SPF - don’t make the mistake of avoiding sun cream in winter, as the sun can still cause damage that further dries out your skin
  • Choose an effective moisturiser - you need to select the right moisturiser for your skin type. A heavy cream can be effective, but if you’re prone to acne, you might be better of using a moisturiser that contains lipids, which can be rich and hydrating without causing breakouts
  • Shower in warm water - when it’s freezing outside,you might be tempted to turn the shower temperature right up. However, hot water can strip away your skin’s essential oils. Opt for warm water instead
  • Go gentle into that cold night - your skin is producing less oil, and is therefore more sensitive and less protected. That means you can afford to reduce the frequency and intensity of cleansing and exfoliation, which can exacerbate inflammation or dryness. Try a soothing oil cleanser and a gentle acid toner at night 

Skincare products for cold weather 

The following three products will soothe, moisturise and rejuvenate your cold damaged skin.  


Olixa Centella Asiatica Mask

The Olixa Centella Asiatica Mask is a super soothing mask that’s been specifically formulated for dry sensitive skin. It’s rich in triterpenes and polyphenols, which can repair and enrich inflamed or sore skin. Apply generously to your cleansed face, leave for between 10 and 20 mins and rinse or remove with a cotton pad. 


Skin & Tonic Lip Calm Balm

Not only is Skin & Tonic Calm Balm a wonderful way to relieve stress and anxiety, due to its chamomile and lavender oils, the shea butter and calendula are excellent at reducing redness and inflammation, nourishing dry skin, and offering relief from itchy conditions. Just apply a layer to your skin before heading out into the cold to protect yourself. 


Nini Organics Rain 

Essentially a serum in mist form, Nini Organics Rain is the perfect way to hydrate after a day in the cold. Containing organic flowers, herbs and green biotech ingredients, spritz generously over your face after cleansing.