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Combine the faceLite and decoLite for the ultimate at home LED experience

Zap dull, tired and ageing skin back to life with Rio’s energising faceLITE and decoLITE Beauty Boosting LED Face Mask and , powered by wavelengths of light, and FDA approved for minimising the appearance of wrinkles.

As our skin ages, it suffers a gradual loss of collagen and elasticity, loses 20 to 80% of its thickness, and becomes more susceptible to pigmentation and age spots. The red and near infrared light wavelengths are clinically proven to stimulate natural collagen and elastin production in the skin cells, utilising a process called photobiomodulation, or low-level laser therapy. It may sound scary, but it’s 100% safe for at-home use.

This process is defined by non-ionizing electromagnetic energy triggering photochemical changes within the skin cell structure, firming and lifting for youthful-looking contours. These effects help skin cells absorb topical skincare products more effectively and helps reverse the effects of the aging process.

Designed to deliver the maximum amount of light directly to the skin without wastage, this next-level mask transforms lacklustre complexions with restored radiance, tautness and bounce in 10 minutes.

Compatible with Rio’s Hydrogel mask treatments for enhanced results and benefits.



  • Treats the whole face in just 10 minutes
  • Comfortable, soft-fit mask
  • Auto-Timer
  • Flat, portable and travel friendly
  • USB chargeable


Please note - this product is not recommend during pregnancy or breastfeeding

faceLITE and decoLITE Combo
faceLITE and decoLITE Combo